D-PBL Multiplier Event – Porto, Portugal

On Thursday, May 9th, 2024, the Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto hosted a Digital Problem-Based Learning Multiplier Event as part of the Erasmus+ project D-PBL.

The event began with registration at 09:00, followed by an introduction to the D-PBL project at 09:15 by Professor.Dr Alberto Peixoto Pinto. The keynote address on “Project-Based Learning for Open Innovation: Methods, Tools, and Experiences” was delivered at 09:45, providing insightful perspectives on innovative educational methodologies.

After a coffee break at 10:30, the program resumed with presentations on the Digital Competencies Survey at 11:00 and the Training Toolkit for Teachers at 11:30 by Professor Dr. Jose Paulo Marques dos Santos. At noon, participants engaged in a hands-on workshop titled “Practicing Project-Based Learning by Design Thinking,” which fostered practical application of the discussed concepts.

The session concluded at 12:30, marking the end of an informative and engaging event.

We thank all participants for joining us on this amazing learning and development journey.