E-business Technologies Conference: Special Session – Digital project-based learning

The conference E-business technologies gathers leading professors, scientists, researches and experts in practice, well-established IT companies, PhD students in order to share ideas and use cases from practice in area of e-business. Primary goal of the conference E-business technologies is to establish a kind of platform for strategic networking on national and international level, portray innovations and disseminate knowledge for wide corpus of scientist and experts in the field of digital business ecosystems.

The EBT Conference will be organized June 15-17, 2023 at Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade Serbia.

Within the Erasmus+ project “D-PBL: advancing project-based learning into the Digital Era”, a special session “Digital project-based learning” is organized.

This special session will show research papers on theories, models and experiences in project-based learning, in various domains and levels of study. Besides the presentation of results of the D-PBL project, this special session aims to provide a framework for the exchange of knowledge and experiences related, but not limited to:

  • Theories, models and methods of digital PBL
  • PBL design issues
  • Experiences on digital PBL
  • Teachers’ competencies for PBL
  • Assessment methods for PBL
  • Transformation and impact on student learning and the teacher-student relationship with D-PBL

Follow EBT Conference website for more information on how to join the session online.